WORK Beer Project INFO

“Over our combined 25 years of beer experience this ranks as one of the best creative executions we have ever seen.” – Charlie Paulette, Director of Marketing Development for The Arsenal

When we say WORK is a megabrand, we mean it. WORK Beer, one of the many WORK brands, has won notoriety over the years bringing success to its brewery partners. The success of our WORK Beer brand has partially been due to a packaging design that tells the brand story. We even created WORK Beer glasses and a WORK Beer Tally Card Book to keep track of the beer you have earned. Good for getting appreciation from the Mrs. (or Mr.) or just generating a deep sense of accomplishment. Now the brand is seeking a home. If you are interested in bringing a tried and true beer brand into your brewery’s product line or would like to start your own brewery with a brand that has already won awards, please contact us.