Radio Heard Here Project INFO

Want to stare a real challenge in the eye? How about rebranding radio? Some had believed that radio had become a negative word, but working with brand strategist Kelly O’Keefe, it was uncovered that radio was, in fact, a beloved way to consume media. Here is a quote that pretty much sums it up:

“Work knows how to position and re-position industries, businesses, and products that need to be looked at anew. Their work on behalf of America’s radio broadcasters through the ‘Radio Heard Here’ campaign inspired those engaged in the industry, advertisers and radio listeners. If you have a brand or positioning problem, you’ll want to get on their schedule.” David Rehr, CEO, NAB

WORK developed collateral for Radio including a handy Radio book and a take-away piece to remind the public of its strength as the most democratic of media sources. It’s Free Air.